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Posted on 11 sep 2018 by jbartas

I'm a family man who has spent his entire adult life in Silicon Valley. I've founded two companies and worked at about 10 start-ups; mostly as a software engineer; but also is a hardware troubleshooter, acoustic engineer, artist, web master, writer, and teacher. My full bio is here. I'm also an amateur skier, electric guitar player (hard rock), and a semi-professional loudspeaker designer. In more recent years I've become passionate about empowering people, which leads me (actually, REQUIRES me) to get to work as an activist. Successes include the Network Neutrality Squad software agent, which was instrumental in forcing Comcast to stop censoring it's customers, and my first serious activism helping my neighborhood school repel an political attack from the "Alliance Defence Fund", an anti-gay anti-school hate group in Arizona. .

Upcoming projects include a method of requiring companies to label foods with GMO ingredients and support for all companies eventually becoming "Benefit" corporations - companies that make a healthy profit while helping society.

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